Tokenpocket tutorial

How to Get Started

1. Install TokenPocket

2. Once installed, open the app.

Choose "No wallet."

4. Create a new wallet"Create Wallet".

5. Create a secure password and duplicate it. Be sure to save your password.

6. You will get a generated phrase of 12 words.

7. Arrange the 12 words in the order given above.

How to see a public key or a wallet address?

The public key, aka your wallet address, is a code consisting of a set of letters and symbols. You will need the address to receive funds in your wallet.

1. Open the wallet.

2. You can see the wallet address in the field marked with a red rectangle .

Start on Newland!

Click β€œDiscover” and enter β€œ2049β€œ, you can see 2049 in the searching results and click into it.Launch App and be a Newlander!

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